Author: Aleksi

December 2nd, Georgian Women Business Association visited the Ninotsminda orphanage, Javakheti and assigned the items collected in the United States of America, which has a story starting like this:

March 2014, one of the founders of our association- Melano Durmishidze, was an exchange student in America, WI. She developed a project “Generosity for Georgia from the USA” with the help of the FFA school club. Overall was collected 700 kg of gently used clothes, shoes, toys and books.

The goal of the project is to inform the American students about Georgia, get the kids connected from the different sides of the ocean and to help the orphanage. Also, there was an exchange of the letters between the students, which was all about sharing their dreams, every day life and traditions.

One must be mentioned that, the will of founding association, which the main goal of, between huge diversity of events, would be consolidation of “charity privates” with the slogan-Kindness is contagi