I am Nino Kochiashvili, President of the Women’s Business Association, let me greet you on behalf of the organization created by nine women of completely different style, tastes, work or life experience.

   Our  goal is to improve social and economic situation of Georgian women, to support their involvement in business, to raise their skills and self-esteem, vocational training, to promote the talented women as well as to create a register of businesswomen and to deepen contacts between them inside and outside the country.

   How are we going to do it? To do this, your complicity is essential. The Association’s bilingual magazine will be issued quarterly and will become a new space for women in business to share their experience with others.

   The Association members will participate in various official meetings and events, such as the Best Business Woman of the Year Award. During the year a dedicated volunteer, the best sponsor will be revealed, as well as the lottery will be drawn, auctions will be held, various trainings will be conducted, we’ll collaborate with partner universities and professional schools.

   All of this will enable us to help people with disabilities together, single mothers, to brighten the lives of the elderly, to arrange holidays for the homeless children and fulfill their dreams, to create conditions for the rehabilitation of women serving punishment. Kindness is contagious, friends, join us !!!